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A haircutting Pic

Surprise Monday by Sheela

This story is really a true one and not just imagined. my husband name is Mr. Panner Selvam and my name is Sheela panner selavam.
It was a bright day at Guntur. This city is located in ANDHRA PRADESH. Approximately near Vijay Wada. We had planned to got to Triupati, the richest God on earth venkatachalam.

On Friday morning we planned to go to bank to give our hand prints and photos. So as we planned we went and gave the details of our visit to it.

My husband suggested to got there by our new car SCORPIO. So we cancelled our train ticket to there.

Sunday afternoon we started from there and we reached Tripathi by midnight one o'clock. We stayed in a hotel named Woodlands.

The next morning we started to got to temple by our car and started to drive through the hills. There we had several cheackings.

And finally we reached there and we stood in a line leading to the DARSHAN hall for nearly FIVE HOURS. After a long travel through line we reached there.

We prayed to God and we went out of the line back to our parking stand.

There I asked my husband, "why did you take a new dress here?" he replied "for wearing it after my offerings to lord."

I was astonished at his reply. We believe strongly in astrology. (actually I don't believe but since their family believe the forced me to do so)

On our way to the area allotted for shaving the head I noticed a man surrounded by a group of people.

I asked my husband "what are they doing there?" he said "he is a famous man who says about our future and the offerings to be done to overcome the difficulties in life.

So he took me there and he saw his hand and said "to live long in your life do a offering to God" "what should I do? 
Say it." He saw my head and asked several questions about me. I answered all.

Then he said " To avoids the accident you face on your way back to your place you should sacrifice your wife's hair. I was left to my fate.

I loved my hair which was a 7" long. But here in India we do anything to avoid being a widower.

So I decided to do it. My husband did not speak a word to me. He led me to the place where they shave. I was astonished to see my women having their head shaved.

And so I too decided. A young man was there sitting jobless. He took me there.

All craned their necks to have a look at me. I wore a saree of yellow color. And necklace.

There my husband said " I will go first and sit. And you follow me . do you understand?"

"yes. I would."

My husband gave a packet of milk to him and poured it in a vessal and the man took a drop of it and put it in his head and began to shave.

He started from the central part of the head and did to all other sides. He was done. Next It was my turn. I looked at him. The with my husbands help I sat down. The thing was done to me. There was no cape around me nor a comb only strands of hair and the blade.

He took the milk in his right hand and put it in my head. I noticed him changing his blade and placed it in my head.

Suddenly I heard a sound sssss. It was made by the blade in my head. Strands of hair began to fall on my lap I began to cry .

My husband wiped away my tears and one moment was a moment which consoled me the hair fell on my lap and I began to feel it . I touched it and I remembered my memories what all I did to male my hair a beautiful one.
Suddenly he changed my angle and started to shave from my ear and then back and I was done.

A shaved lady. It looked common there and there was a family of 15 members including a a grand children shaving their head.

Then we took bath there and wore our new dress and on our way back to make the story short we met with a accident and we suffered from minor injuries.

I thanked god for his help.
Hope this is the en

Nice Tonsure by Krishnan

      My friend mamitha, her syster lina and myself started to tiumalathis tuesday. first we reached the tirupati station. we booked a lodge, and completly finished the temples like kalahasthi,and temples near the tirupati. then we started wednesday night to tirumala. we reached their by night 8.00.we immediatly checked in a room which is run by ttd.then after relaxing their for some minutes we wnt outside to have dinner. while going out we saw a tonsuring hall in our. we stayed in woodlands was so crowded. many children, teens,men and also women were waiting to get tonsure. for the first time i witnessed the whole process of tonsuring. there wre nearly 5 barbers in that hall. we stood outside and saw the process of tonsuring. it was nice.

      Then i asked mamitha and lina to whether to get tonsured now itself. they said we will see it tomo. morning .then we had the dinner and we slept. the next day morning we stood up at 6.30 am. it was so cold. we changed our dress and prepared to go for a tonsure. we decided to go to kalayanakatta.i weared a dhothi, lina and mamitha weared a nighty as the hair straps will stick in the dress which is hard to remove. so we went and stood in the q. there was computerised slotting fo costumers to a barber. so i purchase three tickets. each is assigned to a no. which is assined to a barber. i got a seperate barber wreas lina and mamitha got to a same barber. they distribued a half blade to each ticket.then we stood in the barbers q. 

      There wre only 1 person who was having tonsure to the barber to whom i hav assigned. then i sat before the barber. he started wetting up my hair. then he cahnged his blade. he started this my first remombaral tonsure.i was hearing a sound szzzzz, szzzzz my hair which i grown with shampoo, and oil started falling in laps. it was over within 5.00 min. i could hardly recogonice me. then i went to saw mamitha and lina they wre still in the q b'cos the barber was attending the previous clint. then mamitha sat before. he wetted her hair first and started shaving her head from the back head. then he moved towards the forehead and completly finished off. then lina sat and the same process was cont. for her also as she is having more hair he put 2 knots after wetting the hair and started shaving. it was a nice exp for all of us. then we took bath and had a frantastic dharshan of lord balaji and we retturned to chennai. our inmates hardly recogonised us.we took photogrs after returning to chennai.


      On 12th September night we reached to Tirupati and taken one room for taking rest. On Tuesday morning we started at 04:00 from tirupati and reached to Alipiri at 04:30 and started walking to Tirulama at 04:45 and reached to Tirumala at 11:15 a.m. Immediately we reached to Tirumala we visited to small Kalyanakatta which is nearby to luggage counter to build up the courage. There we saw one daughter and mother who are having very lengthy hair (upto buttock length) where the mother is encouraging her child (9 - 10 years) to shave her head (jet black thick buttock length) but the daughter is denying.At last the mother succeeded in convincing her daughter, she wet her daughter's hair and had her sat before the barber.

      The barber put two small mugs of water onto the head of the daughter and changed the blade in the straight razor, the barber started shaving the head of the daughter I was quiet anxious to see that, in the meanwhile the mother is also loosens her plant (very lengthy) and started wetting her head, but in the meanwhile one barber came towards us and asked to shave but we denied since we had to take a room and keep our luggage. Later we collected our luggage, taken one room (Anjanadri) at CRO and went to room. After we occupied the room, we took 1/2 hour rest and changed our clothes (casuals) and went to have some tiffin, since morning we do not have any thing. After we finished the tiffin we went to Kalyanakatta (the bigger one) Ofcourse the same was closed and and opened a new one which is marvellous.

     We deposited our chappals in the stand at the Kalyanakatta and followed in the line (the time was 01:30 p.m.) fortunately no one was there. When we enter at the counter the employee at the counter asked us "She is is also shaving?" (Me) my hubby said that yes, then he gave two big tickets and one small ticket, when we show those tickets at the other counter that guy gave 3 half blades (one each for us) first the turn of our kid (she has not denied) next the turn of my hubby (he is an hair enthusiast and felt much happy while he shaves his beard, mustaches and finally head, my hubby said that shave by applying some force, since he has dandruff, then the barber said don't worry I do like that and I'll also shave you twice to remove the dandruff. (I wanted to take photographs of the head shaves of my kid and my hubby) but as per the new system the photograph and videography is not allowed hence could not managed to take.

    Next it was my turn. My hubby said that have a sit and he explained the barber about the pimple on my head by removing part of my hair, the barber understood and wetted my hair by pouring two small mugs of water. He bent my head towards him and parted in two parts and asked me to say Govinda, I said and started feeling nervour. My hubby gave much courage from my back by standing. The barber started at the mid part of my head and gave a lengthy stroke, I guess it was almost munished upto my nape, and 4 more strokes my back part was finished and become whitish. My hubby managed to take 3 photos by requesting the barber, the barber said that take one more photograph by turning my head (partly shaved) finally the barber shaved entire my hair, 

     I felt much happy once I saw my hair on my lap. My hubby told the barber to shave once again, the barber did. Once I get up from the barber, my hubby hugged me and kissed on my bald head, it was quiet whitish. Then at the time we come back from Kesakandanasala one man stood and applying Chandan, my hubby, kid and me applied chandan on our heads it was so cold and the experience was unexplainable. When we come out from Kesakandanasala one old man sat to put Govindanamam, all of we put govindanamam and had a bath at our room and proceeded for Darshan.

The darshan was very very good, I was at loss of words to express my true feelings, we did darshan on Wednesday also.

Hira's headshave...............Shekharbald

My wife went to my in laws house & I was all alone for 20 days.

      Hirabai our house maid was there to take care of me, she cleaned our house, cooked the meals did my laundry and all other daily stuff.Hirabai is in her early thirties dark sexy & tall around 5-8" with jet black hair which seemed to be quiet long, but I could never guess the length because she always oiled her hair well and but them in a bun, I always dreamt about having sex with her and as I am a hair fetish shaving her head and I thought this was the right time to play the cards.

      One night when I came back from office Hirabai was cooking dinner for me, I silently came behind her and hugged her from behind she was surprised with this behaviour of mine, she asked me what was I upto I told her that I always admired her beauty but was now in love with her as she took so good care of me in absence of my wife.

      That night we had dinner together and after that she was about to leave, I offered her to stay with me and sleep in my bedroom. She was afraid what would happen if my wife comes to know about this but I convinced her nothing will go wrong.

      I took her to my bedroom we had some chat when she told me about her problems in life & started crying. I told her to relax and take hot water shower, she went to the bathroom I followed her and started to remove her clothes one by one damn she was sexy and had a great figure, I opened her bun and was surprised to see that her hair reached her knees by the time even she was getting hot she removed my clothes and we had shower enjoying each others hot body, I shaved her armpits & her pussy with my straight razor &washed her hair with an imported shampoo of great fragrance.

      We finished off with our bath and came to bed she was great on bed she started to suck my huge cork she licked it like a lollypop then she told me  to lick her pussy which was now clean shaved I took her on top of me & we had 69 oral sex she got  the organism & I exploded in her mouth which she sucked without wasting a single drop. She told it was her first sex after her husband died in an accident 5 years back & she was willing to do anything for me.

      I thought that it was the right time to tell her about my fetish & told her that I would be obliged only if she would let me shave her head & have sex with me, I even offered her some money so that she could send it to her village, she agreed and now the night was mine.I told her to sit on the dressing chair, she told me to massage her hair before shaving it, I massaged her hair with oil for sometime then took her for hair wash.

      After washing her hair I asked her how she wanted to shave, directly or in stages she left it on me.I decided to shave her in stages first I combed her hair and then took scissors and cut her hair till waist length she was breathless as she had never had a haircut before, then cut her hair to mid back with some layers she was getting horny she got down from the chair and started sucking my cork getting on her knees,  she told me to shave her hair while she was sucking me, she wanted to feel the razor play on her head, I removed my razor and placed it on her forehead & started shaving her head she was moaning, I told her to sit back on chair as she would get hurt by razor.

      I then put some water on her head and massaged for a while & again started to shave I combed her hair in front & shaved from middle of her hair to her forehead long hair falling on her naked body front was done then I shaved  her sides and back , she was totally bald but was not done yet.I took some shaving gel an applied on her head and again shaved her head in opposite direction leaveing it smooooooooth .She took me to bed and played  with my penis making me hard I put it in her and gave her the best pleasure of her life we had sex till early morning.

      Next morning when I woke up no one was there besides me. I just found a letter which mentioned “ saab kal raat jo hua thik nahi tha ab mein hamesha ke liye gaon ja rahi hoon yeh raat hamesha yaad rahegi aapki Hira" (sir what happened yesterday night was not right, I am going to my village forever with the memories of the best night of my life. yours Hira)

Still looking out for her weather I could find her a lady who gave me the best sex of my life

A young wife in another country...........Shobha

      I am a twenty three year old girl from the state of Kerala in South India.  A rural village near Palghat is my birth place.  I lived there with my parents till I was nineteen.  At that time, my parents who are native Brahmins married me to a school teacher.  His name is Dilip and he is from Coimbatore.  My father is a respected landlord in our village and our marriage was an arranged one.  Our house was very conservative and nobody ever talked about sex.  Dilip taught biology in a girl’s convent in Coimbatore.  He liked my beautiful face and long black hair, and agreed to his parents’ proposal.  I was studying for B.A in Music in a college in Palghat when our marriage took place.  I was taking bus to the college.  I was one of the best looking and homely girls in my college.  Our wedding was according to the Brahmin tradition filled with elaborate rituals. 

     Few weeks after marriage, my husband took me to his workplace for settling down in his home.  My father had given a large sum of cash, refrigerator, and color TV as dowry.  Dilip’s was a large family including his father, mother, one elder brother, and three younger sisters.  His parents who were also people of our caste were very conservative in sexual matters.  Girls in their home, including me, never came to the front of the house or wore make up.  Dilip and I seldom spent time together.  Our married life was a low key one. 

     Two years after our marriage, Dilip saw an advertisement in the Sunday job section of the English newspaper, Hindu, for biology teachers in a school district in America.  He did not have much hope of getting selected when he mailed a resume to the post box given in the advertisement.  The advertisement was given by a recruitment agency in Coimbatore on behalf of a school district near Washington who was very much in need of biology teachers.  Dilip was surprised when the Human Resources Manager who interviewed him gave a hefty contract on the spot.  In July of that year, my husband flew to the U.S leaving me behind.  We did not have much contact during that year. 

      Next year, I also joined him in America.  We were living in a luxury apartment in Annapolis in the suburbs of Washington.  Before my arrival, my husband had purchased sexy clothes like miniskirts and sleeveless tops from an outlet of Fredericks of Hollywood, for me. I was some what thrilled to go to bed with Dilip in them.  
One Saturday, while relaxing on the living room sofa after breakfast, Dilip said that I would look more beautiful in short hair.  He took me to a beauty salon run by two white ladies in their thirties.  It was the first time in my life I was entering a hair salon. I felt very shy and nervous. Back home in India, society is so orthodox that boys and girls have separate sections in college.  

      The hairstylists were wearing black aprons. The salon was part of a town house owned by one of them.  The elder hairstylist was cutting the hair of a teenage girl.  Dilip told the younger of the two stylists to shorten my hair.  She took me to the shampoo chair and wetted my hair with warm water and shampooed.  Then she took me to the chair and started cutting my long hair.  While doing this, she tried to talk to me, but my shyness kept me quiet.  By the time my hair was shortened to the neck, Dilip was turned on.  He asked the stylist to shorten it again.  The stylist obliged and reduced it to four inches.  Then he asked her to shape my side burns and back with a trimmer.  I looked very different by the time I left the salon.  

      I avoided seeing other young men from India in grocery store and other public places for a few weeks. Slowly my hair started to grow and cover my ears.  Dilip sent some photos of me in short hair to my mother.  She did not show them to any one else due to embarrassment.  But I started liking me more with a new look.

Tonsure by Sagarika

      Hai friends this is sagarika.Actually we planned on 30th April to tpt and reached there on 1st morning and went up hill and took rest for some time and got fresh and wear new dress as it is my first marriage day went around for some time and finished lunch then the time came for our head shave ,tension started in my mind. My hand going around my hair. my hubby want to start quick for shaving but I was making late to spend some time with my long hair at that time I was opening my tail and trying different types of tails. My hubby taken photos of different styles of my tail and finally i prepared nice knot and started to kalyanakatta for head shave. While on the way to kalyana katta I bought some flowers and wound around my knot. Then my hubby took some photos with hair and flowers and he told with in one hour no hair and flowers by holding my head and knot. My tension got increased, he started walking fast .finally we entered into the q line.

     After some waiting we went to the tokens counter. We got two different tokens for ladies and gents. We went to next step there a man giving half blades to every one who got the tokens. he asked me are for gundu as I am looking posh. I felt some shy and told yes, then he gave me a half blade and we preceded to gents tonsure hall first. There my hubby stands in his q and waiting for his turn by wetting his head. in the mean while I was watching around any ladies shaving their heads. I didn’t saw any one my tension increasing .mean while my hubby finished shaving I cleaned his head with my chunni and touched it is very smooth. We were preceded to ladies hall for my turn. There were lady barbers. So many ladies are shaving their heads. I stood my q line and watching how they shave. Just before me one college going girl with long hair like me wetting her head for head shave.

      She sat down and the barber divided her hair into two parts and prepared two loose side knots and pored some water and rubbed her head, changed the blade in the straight razor and bent the girls head and started on the center of the head in the first stroke a small patch on the head and the size increasing with time. After 3 mts half head completed on knot fell on her lap. The girl took her hair and put it down. In the next 3 mts total head completed .she get up with smile touching her freshly shaved head. While watching iam free from tension curious about the shaving as soon as the girl got up tension started as the barber asked me to open my hair and wet. I removed flowers and gave to my hubby and he stood near me and I wet my hair. I sit before bending my head she rubbed my head by poring some water and prepared two knots. Then I asked for three cuts of hair to drop in hundi as I have ove. She gave me three cuts of hair. Then I got confused weather to shave or not. And finally decided to get up with out shaving.

      As I am thinking the barber started first stroke on my crown head. I felt some thing strange with the first stroke. Then I under stood that I should get shaved completely. Tears came out. as the razor moving on my head my hair hanging over knot. After 3 minutes one knot fell on my lap. Tears automatically stopped. And in another 3 minutes second fell. Now I am bald. My hubby asked the barber to shave once again, but I refused and got up and feel so much shy and ran to my hubby covered my head with chunny.slowly my hubby take off the chunni and watched my bald head for un cut hair and he somoothly rubbed my head. Then I felt happy but very shy. We went back to room for bath. As there is little uncut hair on my neck my hubby want to shave it. In the room he once again. I sat down before him bending my gundu he started shaving once again the total head and reverse shaving once again for half an hour. Then I touched my gundu first time it was very smooth and watched in the mirror it was nice bald head. My hubby asked me to shave his head also smooth. After his shave we both got bath and wear traditional dresses and got chandan paste on our gundus and namas on our four heads went for darshan. It was a good experience. After return back we shaved our heads 3 times at home. Now I like smooth gundu very much.

Wife's Headshave...........Sathish

      Hai friends my wife did head shave and also her sister shaved in tirupathi. We started at evening and stayed in cottatge. me and my wife also her mother and sister. finally see my hair bcoz 2morow it will gone shave. and i smiled. next day morning we took bath and went for head shave. we reached in small kalyanakatta and took 3 tickets for me and wife also for my mil. there is no that much rush there. we stood in q. awaiting for our turn. i was watching her long hair moving in the Q. 

      My mil was shave her hair first.Then after that my wife told to sit. i was sat in front of the barber and shave my head and mustach. then my wife read with her long hair till her thigh. she was taking some time for wetting her whole hairs. on that time the barber told to another person to sit for tonsure. my wife ready for tonsure. she was sat for tonsure. the barber divided her hair into two half. and he put a knot even thoug hair was hanging till her hip. my mil told to the barber dont mind start shave her hair. he started from the middle slowly. after he just shaved her half side soonly. and i saw her with hlf shaved head. i laughed. and he finished the other side. my mil told to do smooth shave. and gave tips to the barber. he told her hair was very good and thick. till will grow fast. her sister asked my mil what about my ticket. my mil scold her dont tonsure bcoz she was 18.

      She told i dont care am also going to tonsure. she was orgueing with her. my wife told my mil give her permission. that is her wish to tonsure here. my mil told after marriage u go for tonsure. and her sis never giveup. finnaly my mil told me to take ticket for her. i came with ticket and gave it to her. my wife stand with her sis in Q again and she open her plait and wetting hair. sis told that she was nervous. and sat infront of the another barber and he massaged well with water. my wife put one knot and the barber put another. he started from the front side and finished front portion. and turnher head right side shave the back part of right side. finnaly the hair was hanging in the left side of back portion and he shaved that side the hair was falling on her lap. after that he started for smooth shave from nape and shave in chin. we there was some blood in her head. he rubbed with one stone. and we took bath and went for darshan. we saw the lord balaji and got laddu. and my wife was looking like small cute girl. she is looking like child. her sis told i was happy and enjoy the shave. there no wastage of time for combing and pony tail. we are enjoy the trip and enjoy the tonsuring ceremony.

My Headshave.............Mousami Roy

      My friend Vidya had a vow to shave her head in Tirumala. She told to give her company in her trip. One day she requested me to shave my head also along with her. I could answer her. At last she convinced me. This was my first head shave from my childhood. I wanted to get this new experience.

      I and my friend Vidya started on 15/12/09 from Hyderabad. next day morning we reached Tirumala. We had arranged cottage accommodation for us in advance. So we went straight to the cottage. I had been looking forward to this experience for a long time and I wanted to get tonsured as soon as possible. So I explored the possibility of going to the Kalyanakatta right away and getting tonsured. Reluctantly, I had to postpone the idea till the next day because we were very tired.

      I could hardly sleep through the night. I was excited at the thought of the straight razor playing on my head early next day! I was wide awake by 4 am. After brushing our teeth, my friend asked me to get ready. Then my friend without talking anything got ready. Then I wore a salwar kameez. We left for the Kalyanakatta by around 6 am. 

     There was a big crowd in front of the Kalyanakatta entrance and I thought this was going to take awhile. But as soon as we got into the Q, we moved up front quite quickly. We went to next step there a man giving half blades to everyone who got the tokens. He asked me are for gundu as I am looking posh. I felt some shy and told yes, and then he gave me a half blade 
After taking the token and blade for the tonsure, we entered the hall. There were a lot of barbers doing their stuff. I got into one line. There were around 5-6 people in front of me. That meant around 15-20 minutes wait. I was keenly observing the tonsuring of the people in front of me and my excitement mounted.

      First my friend sat in front of him. I concentrated on my friend’s tonsure. With a smile she bent her head to the barber offering her wet bob cut hairs with some brown in it. He started from the front and the first cut brought a kind of joy in her face which is difficult to forget. Then my friend shaved their heads my friend was looking so beautiful. She simply laughed at me. 
I was nervous because next was my turn. Then I sat in front of him and I covered my laps with towels that dress would not spoil. Like others, he wetted my waist length hair with a mug of water and massaged it vigorously for a minute and everything was very new to me. He tied my hair into two loose knots on both sides. My head now was totally wet with water and water droplets were falling on my shoulders, back, neck and on the towel below. I could see nothing but the ground. I was shivering with cold water. He put the new blade he had collected from me (issued at the counter) into his razor, bent my head fully down and made the first scrape at my nape. Oh! What a sensation! I could hear the scrape-scrape on the back of my head - top to bottom. Immediately, I could feel the coolness of the air on my scalp. I could feel wet tufts of my hair falling on my back and neck. In one minute, the back of my head was totally bald! The barber lifted my head slightly and adjusted it to get the correct angle so that he could start on the front. He started from the top of my head towards the front...scrape-scrape....Then he drew a patch from the crown to my forehead. Then he tilted my head to my left and shaved off the hair on my right. I could see Vidya who also bald smiling at my half tonsured head. I also smiled at her. He then started shaving my left side. He passed the blade all over once again making my head very smooth. 

      I got up caressing my bald head with both hands. I gave the barber Rs.10 extra for shaving me smooth. He was happy and offered me a mirror to see. I was anxious to see my face and when I saw it I was shocked to recognize myself. I was so different, a totally new bald look. Then I removed all the hair on my legs and touched my head for a while. We reached the guest house. I immediately ran in front of the mirror to see how I look. I had seen me in mirror my look was totally changed in GUNDU. But nothing can be done now, so I consoled myself. Vidya consoled me saying that I’ve given my hair to god and so there is nothing to feel ugly.

      Later during bath I rubbed my hands all over the rough and freshly shave scalp. It’s a very nice experience!! Later after drying the scalp I applied some sandal to keep my scalp cool. It really kept me cool from that rough shaving. Later in the day I applied coconut oil all over to make my scalp smooth. I started counting days for that day itself eager to wear a pony. 
Next day we had a good darshan of the lord. I prayed the lord that because u has taken my beautiful, long and smooth hair u should take care of me in troubles of life.

Headshave in men's saloon by Sarenya

      Now let me explain you my experience about my GUNDU. As it was my last day with my hair, i gave it a wash once in morning and also gave a hot oil massage in the evening. Once it was dry, I wore a nice saree and went to a nearest photoshop and took photo - both passport size and post card size with my hair on my front. After that i had to attend my fren´ s sister marriage reception for which all my frens came. So i attended it and told my frens that i´ m going to shave my head tonight. They just laughed and didn´ t believe me. TWO OF MY FRENS HAD A BET WITH ME THAT THEY WOULD ALSO SHAVE THEIR HEAD IF I SHAVE MINE. I invited all my frens for lunch tomorrow, so that they would be astonished to see my Shining Gundu. As it was nearing 9, i bid adieu from them as my barber asked me to visit his saloon(I spoke to barber previously to come to my home and shave, as i have hair upto my thighs he asked me to come to saloon at night before closing). I thought of changing my dress before shaving, but as time wasn´ t there, I went in saree itself.

     I reached there by 9.10pm. He was eagerly waiting for me. As he saw me in saree he dropped his jaw and asked me whether have i come for headshave really. I replied yes in a slight tone as i got tensed once i entered the saloon. Then he pulled down the screen on the glass door so that no one sees that i´ m doing head shave in men´ s saloon.

      Then he asked me to sit in the rolling chair comfortably. I asked him whether do i need to untie my plaited hair. He smilingly said no, by filling water in the sprayer. Later he brought a black lengthy cloth and tied it on my neck covering my clothes and body.

      By 9.15pm, he untied my plaited hair and combed it for 5mins with hair brush. Then he came back and sneaked his fingers into my scalp and massaged in a rolling manner for few mins. Then he took the sprayer and sprayed water on my front side of hair above my forehead. Later he sprayed on the right side and left side by taking sprayer iinside my hairs and atlast finished it at the back. he sprayed for more than 2mins and quickly sprayed almost half litre of water.

      Then again he started dabbing my head with his hand and massaged my head. I was really excited to experience this. I was smiling and he asked me why - I said i liked this style of massaging. Then he took hairbrush and brushed the hair from front to back. he didnt make partition of hair and didn´ t put a knot in the hair. then he made a hair bun on my head and sprayed some more water on the hairbun. When i asked him why, he said that it would be irritating for you if the hair is not softened before shaving. Then he took a new razor and fixed a new blade in it.

      The moment he took the razor in his hand. there was some sadness as i am going to loose my lengthy hair and there was some eagerness to feel the experience of GUNDU. By 9.30pm, He untied the bun and turned the chair so that i dont see the mirror. Then he kept the razor on my forehead and asked me to close my eyes if i´ m afraid or frightened. I said no in a loud voice. Immediately he started to scrap the razor from front of my head to back. then he shifted on to the right and left side by side. I was really sad cum excited when long hair fell on the cloth. Everytime the razor scraped my head i liked that scrapping sound. i felt that my head was kept inside a freezer of the fridge as i felt very chill while shaving. Soon i felt some weight has been reduced from my head. by 9.40pm, i thought everything got over. Then he rubbed his hand on my head and i asked him whether is it over. he said no. Then he took shaving gel(some kind of stuff from GILLETTE) and applied it on my scalp. Then he changed the blade and now he scraped it in the opposite direction(from back to front). Later he completed by scrapping it on my cheeks on the face. Then he took the cloth that was tied to my neck and rubbed my GUNDU and face with a towel. Now he rolled the chair so that i could see my new GUNDU face. I was really flabbergasted to see my new face and i really liked it. As i was wearing saree, i really liked it to pose bald head in saree. Then after paying him, i came home. He asked me to cover my GUNDU with saree´ s pallu.

      Fortunately no one saw me as the streets were empty by 9.55pm, so i didnt cover my GUNDU with saree´ s pallu. I enjoyed the chill air that passed my head. My mum saw and she hugged me saying that i looked pretty in saree with head shave. She asked me to go to coll in sarees till hair grows for 2inches. I said YES happily. For my excitement, she said that the barber would come and shave me once in 3 days for the next 10 days and also asked me to shave it to SUPER SMOOTH SHINING again on the previous day of coll reopening.

My headshave story-----------by Anurag

      This is a true incidence that took place in andhra pradesh india, i'm a boy and was studying my engineering, and my cousin was studying her bsc. Medical, it was summer vacation, and i went to her home, this vacation, before leaving to her home, i thought of having a headshave at her home, as im a fetish and last year, i knew that my cousin is also a fetish, so this could be a chance, i never told her, and never i got a headshave. When i reached her home, she was alone in her home, i took my shower and daily routines, then i and my cousin, talked for about an hour, how i felt, doing my engineering and many more. Then at a shock, she told me, why don't you have a headshave, this was all i wanted, i was on cloud nine, i couldn't control my self for what i've heard, at that time, i told her that, i have a vow that, i will do darshan, in the temple near her home, with a bald head and wearing a salwar-kameez, or a saree, my Cousin was shocked to hear that, and she was also on cloud nine, as many a times when i went to her home, she told me to wear salwar-kameez, but i rejected her offer. And also completed that, she would do a darshan with a bald head, we both were on cloud nine. 

       That day, we went for shopping, for taking 2 pairs of salwar-kameez, a saree and also for giving measurement for blouse for me at her tailor(and as boys don't wear women's clothings people would laugh) , and a wig for her. We went at 9:00 am and returned at 1:00 pm, and both were very excited for what is going to happen, at 3:00pm, the tailor would deliver the blouse. So, we decided to have headshavings at 3:30pm, the time came, and i removed my clothes and wore the salwar-kameez, which we brought, and i wore no undercoverings, i sat on the stool in her bathroom, and she brought her handycam, and a straight edge razor, she told, pehle tere baal gile karungi, phir ustra se poora mundwa kar doongi, aur 2-3 baar karungi, taaki poora saaf ho jae(first i'll wet your hair and will start directly with a straight edge razor and will shave it 2-3 times so that its clean shaved) i said ok and she started denuding my scalp, and i closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment of it, and she stopped, and i reached my hands up, and she said, its not over yet, she applied a shaving cream and with a mach3 razor, she shaved my head, as a cueball, my hairs were on my lap, and then she applied aftershave lotion, and her gentle hands on my head, i was very happy and i started to cum. I got up and changed my clothes to another salwar kameez, and i told her, its her turn now, and i changed the blades of all razors and did shave her head, as she had done to me, to a cueball. We both took bath in our respective bathrooms and i reminded her about the darshan. She told me that, as my both salwar kameez were wet of cum, so i had to wear saree. And she told that, we couldn't go to darshan bald headed, and as a boy wearing a saree, and decided to go to darshan, at evening 8:00pm.

      She got ready by 7 and helped me wear the saree. And she covered her head with the pallu of her saree and i covered my head and face with the pallu of my saree. And the temple was 5 minutes walking distance from her home. The temple was small, and the pujari left the temple, as he came from far place. We went into the temple, and uncovered our heads and did the prayers. And we went back home, without covering our bald heads. I caressed her bald head and she caressed my bald head.

      And at her home she told that, she wanted to shave my head for the whole month, till my vacation ends. I was happy and we took photograhs, and this was the best holidays of my life. Hope you enjoyed it.

My bald girlfriend..Amanda

It was a hot summer in the 1990's and lots of girls were cutting all their hair off.

      My current girlfriend at the time, Amanda, decided it was time to ditch her long, dirty  blonde hair. I had seen pictures of Amanda's previous haircuts and she has had buzz cuts, to crops, to shoulder length hair to waist length so I didn't know what to expect from her. As long as I had known her, 6 months, she had the same mid length hair. I loved it but she was always scraped it back in some make shift bun. She was always moaning about it but her friends said she looked great.

I remember the day she told me, it was a day after one of her mates had gone short. "I'm getting all my hair cut off"

"When?" I asked


"What you mean cut short?"

"yeah, real short this heat is driving me mad"

"can I come with you?"


      She never indicated a style she just said short. During the next few days I made the most of treasuring her long hair. Watching as she tied it up for work or released it at night. Saturday came and she got ready to head off to the barbers wearing a faded pair of jeans, doc martins and a white top. I drove her over to the barber shop and we took a seat. The barber called Amanda over and she sat down on the chair. A cape was thrown around her and her hair pulled out from underneath. The hair rippled down the back of the cape.

"A trim miss?"

"No, I want it all off"

"The heat getting to you is it?"

"Yes. I would like you to shave my head"

I looked up in horror. I never expected she would shave it all off

"Are you sure miss" asked the barber

"Yep, all off, nice and smooth please. I want a completely new look. I'm sick of this mess on my head"

      The barber plugged in some clippers and removed the guard. He pushed her head down and moved the clippers up the back of her head. Long blonde tresses spilled to the floor. I could hardly believe it. After a few more passes, she was bald at the back except for minute stubble. The sides were shaved off next and then swept the clippers over the top removing all the hair. It only took about 1 minute to shave it all off.. He tilted her head one way then another as he ran the clippers over her head once more to get any last hairs. All her dirty blonde locks was now either on the floor or piled up on her lap.

"Have you had a shaved head before?" asked the barber

"yeah when I was 17" Amanda replied. I did my maths and that was about 5 years ago then.

"Can't wait for my head to be bald again. Theres nothing more liberating then a shaved head"

      The barber had put a warm towel on her head and removed it. He next squirted shaving cream over her head and pulls out a razor. He started scraping the razor over her head in small swift motions. I was surprised how quick he was shaving her. I have to take more care when shaving my face. He took more care when shaving the back and sides of her head.

A pink scalp started to be revealed and once he'd checked there was no more stubble on her head cleaned off any remaining cream. He then put some oil on her head and rubbed it in

"This will make it nice and smooth"

"You don't mind the idea of a bald headed girl do you" she asked me. It was the first time she actually acknowledged me throughout the haircut

"Not at all Mandy" I said. I was curious what it would be like touching her smooth dome.

"Good because you'll be keeping it shaved for me". I was puzzled and then she added "Because I'm staying bald for least a few months".

      The barber removed the cape and her former treasured locks fell to the floor to be discarded in the trash. She ran her hands over her bald head and smiled at her new look in the mirror "I love it! - have a feel" she lowered her head and I felt her smooth head. It was slippery from the oil the barber had used and it was a strange but very pleasant feeling. I knew I was going to love this.

"This is so cool " I said "I can't wait to shave you myself"

      She kissed me and we paid the barber and drove off. Amanda's friends loved her new look and some even went bald too. Amanda did keep it bald for the rest of the summer before she started to grow it back out. 

Some Headshave Pics

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Gayathri's Mottai

      I couldnt sleep on friday night bec of the thought that i will be clean shaved and all my hair would go on saturday. I cried for almost an hour, then i spent some time infront of the mirror brushing my hair, playing with my hair, did some hair styles. But finally slept crying and holding my hair.

Saturday - 02/04/2011

      I woke up around 6.30am and made up my mind not to get tensed/worry as everything is set in place, only thing i need to do is to co-operate. So i planned to give an oil wash for my hair and started oiling it. In between My aunt came, gave me an oil head masage and applied oil for root to tip. She made a hair bun out of my hair. After waiting for almost 45 mins, i took headbath for the last time. Then my aunt helped me in drying the hair and detangled them. By 9.30am it was completely dry and i took centre partition and combed my hair and made my favourite chignon hairstyle. Yes that was the last time i touched my hair. During breakfast, my grandma told me that the barber may come at anytime before 12. I smiled at her. She told that everything will be alright and not to worry. To divert my attention i was just watching some comedy tv channels. To be frank, i forgot everything and started to laugh by the comedies clips telecasted.

       At 11.40am, the barber came and my mum directed him to the backyard of my house. I know this is the time i should not cry. My grandma hugged me, my aunt kissed me on my forehead, in the meanwhile my mum said that they will be sitting inside the house and will not watch my headshave as i will cry on seeing them. So they asked me to go all alone and sit beside the well in backyard for headshave as barber was waiting there.

      There was a bucket full of water fetched ready from the well and the barber asked me to bring a small cup/mug. Soon i went inside and all(my grandma, aunt, mum) thought i came out of fear. I took the mug, my mum made me stop and told that they are waiting to see the new-look of Gayathri.

      It was exactly 11.45am when i left to the backyard. then i gave mug to the barber, he asked me to bring the person for headshave by changing the new blade in his razor. I said its for me only in a silent note. He ogled at me for a moment as i was wearing a round necked t-shirt with knee length cropped track pant. Recognising that my chignon bun is still on the nape i removed it and aligned the hair behind my ears. after setting my hair loose, i sat infront of him turning away from the backyard door. Almost the last 3 inches of my loose hair touched the ground. He asked me whether i needed my hairs for making wig. I said no bec i know my mum wont allow me to cover my shaved pate other than scarfs. I asked him whether he asked like that on seeing this much lengthy hair. For that he replied that if it is for wig/sale, he would make two knots of hair on either side of the head.

      He started dabbing my head with water. He poured water all over and dabbed gently and quickly all over my head. He asked me to bend forward. My heartbeat increased as i thought he would shave now, but he dabbed water on the back and at nape. He pressed lightly in a repetitive motion with water. I saw water droplets travelling from my head to ground thru my hair. As i sat on the open ground, the ends of my hair collected dirts and mud as excess water made the hair tips wet. He finished watering by making my sideburns wet.

      He said i had a very dense hair and i takes more water to get the hair roots completely wet. My dress was almost wet. Then he stood up to take razor which he had kept on the wall of the well. Water droplets were coming on my face so i wiped my face and again aligned my hair behind the ears.

      He took the razor, my heartbeat increased. He asked me to bend forward as far as possible and not to move my head from now on. He holded my head hard with 3 fingers, He kept the razor on the centre of my head, dragged it towards the crown. Even before my hair fell on the ground, drops of tears came out of my eyes automatically. I started to cry. He made several repeated strokes from centre to left. Likewise from centre to right was done. He then kept the razor on the crown made a stroke towards the nape and began shaving back of my head. I felt big bulks of hair falling from my head. He then shaved under my ears and nape. Shaved my sideburns. He then took handful of water and rubbed it against my head. Then only i felt all my hairs are shaved. Now he made me to bend towards him and started shaving in the reverse manner. turned my head left and right to give finishing touch of shaving. He again shaved both of my sideburns and kept the razor down, checked whether any small strands of hair was left on my head. He said everything is over.

      I got up and saw huge bulk of hair lying on the ground. Tears rolled down and i wipped my eyes and removed the strands of hair sticking to my t-shirt. Gaining courage i went inside my house by 11.55am. Within 10 minutes, he finished out everything. My grandma, aunt and mum came towards me and rubbed my clean shaved pate. My grandma paid him some money saying that he did it very smooth.

      My aunt asked me to change the dress. I went inside bathroom and i kept my hand on my shaved pate for the first time after headshave. I cried out and convinced myself saying that this look of mine will change soon. Then came out of bathroom to see mygrandma, aunt and my mum smiling at me and saying that I will get back my same butt length hair in another 6yrs soon. For me those 6yrs will be like six decades till i get back my hair. Everything is gone, there is no point in crying continously now. So i smiled and from then on they started calling me "MOTTAI GAYU" lovingly in tamil. Mottai Gayu means Head Shaved Gayu in english.

I wont forget this day forever in my life.

Maggy's Experience

Hii frnds

      I am meghana.I am doing my btech 3rd year.i have an elder sister comleted her btech & doing her mba 1st year right now.i want to share my experience of head parents had a vow regarding our admissions into the college.but could not fullfill it till date due to various reasons.we have got our tickets booked to tirupati.but neither my sister nor my self dont have any idea of the parents told us abt the vow the day before we were leaving to tirupati.We were shocked & left with no words for a moment.we both said we are not going to tonsure for any reason.but our parents scolded us that u shud not say like that when u r offering to god & u both will be tonsured even if u agree or not.we both cried for sometime but was left ntg to do.i have hair till below my waist with bangs sister have thigh length hair.

      We finally reached tirumala along with 2 other cousins my uncle & aunt.we 8 got entry into the mom asked to take head bath before shave we took it for last time with hair.all 8 of us reached kalyanakatta.but my mom my aunt & 2 of my cousin sisters were there only for 3 scissors.They are not shaving their cousins have their hairs till their mid backs. I and my sister used to tease them that we have lengthy hair than them.but now the scene is going to father & uncle went and brought 8 tickets,4 for headshave 4 for 3 scissors.First my mom aunt & cousins got 3 scissors at kalyanakatta.then my uncle & dad got their gundu's done its our turn.My father said first elder person should do it.So I was a bit relaxed as 1st it was my sister's turn.

      She sat in front of the barber.barber asked whether 3scissors or sister turned back towards my father trying to request him again.meanswhile my father said do gundu to the barber & handed over the blade to sister's hair was thick silky straight hair.she closed her eyes tightly, the barber rinsed her hair throughly with combed it & partitioned it into 2 parts she asked my sister to say govinda.then she open her eyes & raised her to see wat was happening the barber chjanged the blade & bent her haid started shaving her head from fron to back.she started to weap.her left part was clean within few minutes and a bun of hair fell on her left lap.similarly on the right side.after the shave was complete he again put on some water & did it once again all through.her black hairy head turned into white bald head.its my turn now isat bfore him he wetted my head althrough he partitioned my hair into 2 parts and tied it on the both sides.

      The real problem is with by bangs which i got with a great love a week before.although he partitioned my bangs fell on my the 1st thing i am going to loose were my bangs.he bent me & started shaving my bangs which were almost from my centre top of my head to my eye bangs slowly strted falling into my laps & my hands were cathching those bangs & my eyes were flowing with water.after the bangs he slowly shaved al my cousins started teasing me & my sister by calling gundu & also saying that they will have long hair for years than us.after that we reached cottage & got bath.then my father took us out & g0ot sandalwood applied on our heads which turned our white bald heads turn yellow.then he asked us to get panga namas(the 3 lines on foreheads.after tht we all got & my sister were planning to buy a cap or scarf to cover it but my dad said no & he said that if u leave it uncovered & expose it to air it will grow faster.we have ntg to argue with him bcoz he is strict with his decisions.

      The next we reached back to vja and the real fear was to face my frnds & class mates at the colg.i covered it with my duppata & entered the class room they all were shocked as they all used to like my long frnds pulled out duppata from the head and started putting their hands on my bald head started crawling their hands which made me feel embrassed.this all hapened in jan of this year.i now have small hair which or runing abt my ears a bit and like a boy cut on the top.2day me & my sister were asked to get a haircut by my father.he took us both to his & my sister never got haircuts at salon we always got them at father took care that there were no male customers to the salon by the time we went.the barber asked my father wat to do he replied that give the girls a buzz cut with the hairs above the ears shaved smooth.we were shocked & asked father replied if u cut ur hair once after headshave it will go fast & also as it was summer that was abt to enter.he said that as u both were having xams in the comming 2 months short hair help u feel comfortable & also lessen ur haircare activities time so that u can concentrate more on ur studies.the barber took the clippers and ran it al over which trimmed all my head.then he inserted his balde into the razor & shaved smoothly the upper parts of my ears in a round way all over fromm above the ear to above the nape in the back like a army sister also got similar cut.

Driven by Crazzy-----Anitha

Hi all,

      I am anitha and let me share my experience of getting a mottai or gundu done in a barber shop and also i would narrate the reason why i chose to shave my head. I have hair upto my elbows and it was not thick and denser.

A small intro about me and backdrop of how the thought came:

      I am 18yrs old studying 1st yr of college. two weeks back i vacated from the hostel and got stayed in my cousin sister's room in a private hostel. She is Divya and working as a trainee lecturer in a college. I know her from my childhood days and lost contacts when i was in my college hostel. She had a denser and lengthy hair till her waists when i saw her a year back. But to my surprise now she is sporting short length hair with much more denser strands of hair. and for my eyes she looked like an angel even though she had short hair. i thought she had gone for some haircut and did something in parlour to get that much thicker and denser hair.

      The next moment i asked her about what she did to her hair and why did she cut it short. I was thrown back the moment she said that her head was shaven last july due to hairfall problem. I never knew about it before. and she also said that it was bec of it she got softer, thicker and denser hair. The next thought that came to my mind was to shave my head. But there were so many questions in my mind like how will i look, how ppl will react, how long will it take to grow back, will i also get that much denser and thicker hair as of my cousin divya,etc. But only one thing erupted out of it - to have my head shaved to stop hairfall.


      It would not be possible to shave my head without divya's permission. so i thought of asking her about it last weekend. On saturday she came a bit earlier and i took her to terrace and asked about her shaving experience. Without any gap, she narrated the experience of head shave done in her native place. and finally she asked whether am i interested in head shaving? I replied yes. She started yelling for a little time but finally got convinced as i said i want to experience it. i was not interested in going parlours. So the only way was to get it done in barber shop as the hostel doesnt allow outsiders to visit the rooms.

      Divya said that i have become crazy on head shave. Soon we had our dinner and headed to one of the barber shop near our hostel. To our surprise there wasnt any single men sitting inside the shop. I stepped in and asked him to shave the head. he asked repeatedly whether i am joking. Then he made me to sit in a chair and covered my neck with a white cotton lengthy cloth. I had wore a clip on my hair and asked whether shall i remove it. He said no and started cleaning his electric razor. I was a bit afraid on seeing the elec razor and said no for elec razor. Soon fear erupted when he inserted a new blade in razor. my confidence level went down the moment he removed clip and he poured water on my head and started dabbing my head, i cried at the beginning and closed my eyes.. After that he made a tight bun at the back of my head. It was so tight that i felt someone is pulling all my hairs. in no time he took razor and started to scrap from my forehead. I started enjoying that sound of scrapping the head with razor. he scrapped from front to back all the way from centre, right and leftside. soon the entire bun of hair fell behind with a bum sound. I felt someone has removed a mountain from my head. then he started to reverse the shaving from back to front. then he shaved my forehead above the eyebrows and on cheeks near ears. He asked me to open the eyes and was shocked to recognise myself in the mirror. My cousin clapped and congratulated me on this new pose. she checked for any leftout hair/scratches on my head. I touched it for the first time and wow, it was so smooth and shining. I couldnt resist but kept on touching my smooth head. My cousin divya said to the barber to shave it once in 3 days. I was amazed on hearing this. while coming, i didnt cover my head, so i felt my head was aerodynamiclly modified as the breeze went above and back of my head. I had a cold water bath and felt my head was so cool. I had regrets of losing it but i lost it to get that back stronger and denser. Its been a nice experience and i love to enjoy it again for atleast 10 shaves in the next 30days after that i will allow it to grow. 

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop ur comments.

A Nice Headshave Story

      Hi I am Priya 19 in my 2nd year degree. My mother made a vow that all of us would offer our hair at thiruapthi.My mom amd I have long hair upto knees.

      During the summer holiday's we went to thirupathi. My father asked the cottage manager to send the barber to the cottage.

      My mother started combing her hair for the last time and asked me to do the same to remove any tangles. I was Making requests to give half hair or three fourth of the hair etc. etc.
     My mom siad a vow needs to be fulfilled. She suggested why dont to first see how it is done then you may change your mind. Mean while the barber came.
      First my dad finsihed his gundu told the barber to shave again smoothly and then both my older brothers finished got their gundus, the barber repeated the reverse shave for them to make their gunds really smooth.
Both my brothers and my dad looked good in gundu.
      Now my mother sat down in frontof the barber and opened her hair, he asked 3 cuttings? my mom siad no Gundu. He parted her hair wet it and tied it into knots on both sides.He inserted a new blade asked her to bend her head down , My mom bent her down and said govinda govinda, he started the shaving,
He started from the center of the head then proceede to the back the scraping noice of the shaving was really intreguing, after finishing the back he came to the front , Now my mom had hair on both sides and her front and back of the head were bald.
      He turned her haead to the side and stared the sides, slowly one of her hair bun fell down, then he repeated the same on te other side and that hair bun fell down. Now she was bald with little hair behind her ear.My father told the barber to clean thouroughly and do a reverse shave (gundu baga nunnaga cheyyandi).
He repeated the shave, he thouroughly shaved her head again, now and then stopping to wipe the blade.It was complete. My mom got up touching her smooth gundu and said he did a good job.
     Now seeing all this I forgot all my hesttaions and inhibitions, I sat down in front of the barber and opened my hair, he asked as usual 3 cuttings? I said no, "naku kooda amma laga nunnga gundu cheyyandi".
I looked at my mother, she was happy.
I parted my hair and bent my head down surrendering my head to the barber.
 He started to wet my hair massaged my head and tied my hair into buns.
      He inserted the blade and bent my head down, I thought there goes my hair and said Govinda Goavinda. He started the shaveing, the scrape scape noice of the blade on my head was really nice, I tried to close my eyes to enjoy that feeling. He finished the back of my head and lifter my head, started the front, I was waiting to see when the hair bun will fall down, he finished the front, turned my head to the side, I was happily moving my head down , up side as per the barbers direction.He slowly finished on the side and my hair bun fell down. I was so excited, he turned my head to the other side, I touched my parlty bald head felt funny. He finished the other side too and I see the hair bun falling down.

I knew all my hair is gone now.
      He started the reverse shave repeating the same process lifting my head , bending it down, turning sideways stopping to wipe the blade in between, he shaved my sideburns behind the eras, cleaned my forehaed area, cleaned my neck on te back thoroughly. When he said it was done I got up , touched my head it was so smooth and so soft, I ran inside to see my self in the mirror.
I saw my smooth shining gundu in the mirror, I looked completely different, I turned my head to all sides to see my gundu in the mirror.
      My mother was laughing and said did you not say u did not want to shave ur head earlier?
I siad, yes but after seeing u I liked it and wanted to get me a Gundu. I also said I liked it very much and would like to do it agian.

      Before going to thirupathi I did not think I would shave my head but after seeing so many women and teenage girls like me too with Gundu in thirupathi I was tempted to get me gundu. Its really nice experience to surrender you head to the barber to shave your head and the scrape scrpae sound of the razor on your head is very relaxing, I felt so light after getting my gundu.Afer going back home, I called my friends and told them I am gundu now.They came to see me, they wanted to feel my gundu, I let them touch my gundu.

   I went to colleage after the summer holidays, I had about an inch growth, I did not cover my head.I like my short hair now

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Headshave for Lice by Seema

       I am Seema. I live in Madras. I am 21 years old. I am in II year of college. I am fair and had thick black hair reaching my waist till this morning. Today I had all my hair cut off and had my head shaved.

      Last week, my professor noticed lice in my hair. Over the weekend my mom tried to comb my hair with and clean it. So she struggled with my hair but every time she thought I was clean she saw another one. I myself felt so bad because my head was hurting. She had to pull my hair so much to get the eggs out. Then she said I am so tired, Seema, why don't you get a haircut. That way we can get rid of the lice easily. I was happy to get out of my hair being pulled and combed so much so I agreed. I did not know what she meant by haircut was actually a head shave.

      So this morning she took me to the market. Before we went I put a rubber band and made a pony tail out of may hair. When I was doing that I did not know that on my way back I would not even need the rubber band.

      There are a couple of barbers in our neighbourhood. She took me to the one that has a chair under a tree. He also has a mirror hung by a nail on the tree. She asked him if he cuts girl's hair. He said he will charge a little extra but will still be cheaper than the other fellow inside the mall. So my mom said to him this is my daughter. We need to get her hair cut. He said very well. He asked me to get up in the chair and threw a large white sheet which he tied around my neck. Then she asked my mother how she she wants my hair. My mom asked him to come to the side and whispered something in his ear which I could not hear. He came back and said to me. Honey have you had a haircut before. I was so nervous I said no. He said we are going to give you a nice haircut, but you must sit down and relax. It won't hurt a bit. He sprayed water in my hair and it felt raining. When my hair was very wet he started massaging them with strong hands. Mom stayed there to hold my hand. The barber took out a shiny razor and wiped it on a leather belt. Then he put a firm hand on my head asking me to bend. My mom was at my side. At that time I felt a light sliding and pulling sensation on my scalp. He started on the top of the crown. My head was so bent forward that I could not see what was he doing. With next few minutes large clumps of my long hair started to fall in my lap. He straightened my neck and came in front to work where my bangs were. My eyes were covered with long hair but I could see a little glimpse in the mirror. He was shaving my head. I was going to be bald soon. I thought it was my imagination but felt like I was going to cry. With a big sob I asked my mom, Are you getting me shaved bald. My mom squeezed my hand. Baby, it is necessary, because of the lice. Now you be brave and sit tight. It will be over in a few minutes and the I will get you an ice cream.

      The barber said Honey is it hurting you? You sit still. I will finish it very soon. He worked fast and soon I saw a large clump of my damp hair slid on my feet. With that I would clearly see myself in the mirror. My bangs were going away and my forehead was getting more prominent as he was shaving more and more hair from the front. Soon I looked like a balding old man with long hair from the sides. By then I was sobbing and crying silently.

      He came on my right side and started shaving around me ear. My mom stopped him for a minute to take out the earrings from both of my ears so he could bend them without causing any pain. Throughout she was telling what a good girl I am and that it is OK to get the head shaved and be bald for while, the hair will back grow in no time, etc. etc.

      Meanwhile the barber continued his work. After clearing the right side he stopped to spray again on the left side and the nape where I still had the hair and they were getting dry. Then he massaged them more gently this time. I had a chance to see myself again in the mirror. Half bald and half with long hair.

      After getting my hair wet again he took his long razor again and started to shave on the left side. The area around my ear was getting cleared and the clumps of damp hair were sliding past my shoulder on the cape. Finally he went to the back of my head and the nape. My head was bent forward again. He combed the hair and shaved them with short strokes stabilizing the skin behind them. Then he took the white sheet away and shook all the hair off.

      I could not believe I was bald. Before I could move he placed a towel around my neck, took out some gel out of a tube and with a small brush started making foam on my head adding some water. Once my head was covered with foam he took out his razor again, sharpened it and went all over taking quick strokes starting from the hairline on my forehead backwards, then on my temples, around my ears, holding the skin firmly backwards with the other hand. By now I had stopped crying because I could not cry any more.

       When he finished shaving he took the towel and rubbed of any traces of foam on my head. I felt itching sensations and wanted to scratch but my mom was holding my hand. He took out some oil from a bottle and put on my head to sooth it. 

      Finally he said I was done. I got out of the chair. My mom paid him and then she asked me what kind of ice cream I wanted. I did not feel like having ice cream so we went home. Then I noticed she had brought a head scarf with her which she gave to me. I wrapped it around my head, so no one could see, but it still seem like I was bald and had no hair.

     When we got home she wanted me to take a bath so now I am in the shower looking at my shaved head in the large mirror and wondering what will I do when I go back to college tomorrow.